Metro workers walking down the sidewalk.



Welcome to Metro Transit’s latest stop on the never-ending information superhighway, where we proudly showcase our team in action serving customers in communities from Fairview Heights to Maryland Heights and Shrewsbury to Shiloh.

While you’re here, expect to see plenty of familiar places (and maybe some familiar faces) in this exciting, educational tribute to the myriad accomplishments in our region made possible by all of us working together.

UP & AT IT. Hop on board for a little tour of the region that more than 2.8 million of us call Home. Your trusted guide will be Metro Transit, who’s proudly served both sides of the river since 1963.

WE ALL SUCCEED. From our very beginning, there’s always been a lot more riding on Metro than people. Like over $10.2 billion since 2011. So if money talks, listen up and watch this. You’ll see what we mean.

NEW RESOURCES, NEW REALITIES. Getting people to and from work is just the beginning of what Metro makes happen daily. We also help create new jobs by attracting large employers to our region.

WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM. From U. City to Ferguson, from Shiloh to Scott Air Force Base, your Metro Transit team is committed to doing everything we can to make all our neighborhoods, neighborhoods.


Day in, day out, the Metro Transit team of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals keep our region’s multimodal transportation system running smoothly for the 2.8 million people we serve. Through our efforts, we help all kinds of individuals discover that thriving doesn’t always require driving.

As a region, thriving goes beyond how Metro gets our friends and neighbors where they need to be. The accessibility and efficiency Metro delivers also makes our metropolitan area more attractive to large employers seeking to relocate or expand, creating countless jobs in our communities.

In short, Metro exists to make sure our region and everyone in it are going the same direction – forward. Which is precisely the reason all of us need Metro, even if some of us haven’t ever taken Metro.

A Metro bus passes by a window of a shop.


Where is Metroville? Everywhere you look. These are the places our buses, trains and Call-A-Ride vehicles carry customers to and from, day after day – helping people on both sides of the river live, work and play. We’re proud of everything our team does to help businesses large and small flourish in the ways that make neighborhoods truly feel like Home.

If you’re a “Metroville” resident with a story about the impact having access to Metro Transit has had on your life, just fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from you.